You are your only competition!

Honestly, I could not agree any more! I am guilty of always trying to be better and do better than my peers, friends, and family. Sometimes we get lost, confuse, and are unhappy because of constantly comparing ourselves with others. We do it all the time without realizing about it. I believe it all starts with our mentality. Ever since we were little we were being placed in competition on to see who can do better or who were the best.

We humans forget that our (real) enemy is ourselves. In order to be happy and content we need to always be willing to learn and grow from ourselves.  Every day is a fresh start to really become better and do better than who we were yesterday even if we were unkind or too lazy to workout that day. Remember if you always try to compete with others you will always lose, but if you compete with yourself you will always win, and be more satisfy with the end results! This is a life long process and it won’t always be easy, but I rather be in a competition with myself any day than with someone else.

Until next time! 🙂






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