Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet!

Hi Babes,

Are you on a budget & don’t want to spend money on an expensive costume that you are just going to wear for one day? Or, if it’s a last minute event that you are attending. Here are a list of ideas that you can easily grab from your closet & maybe get a few extra items at the stores & put it together for a night out. I swear this won’t break the bank & you’ll still feel chic with what you have in your closet. Literally, I know you babes have at least one or a couple of these pieces in your closet — that’s why I choose these costumes looks for you because it’s super easy to pull it together.

Check out my Pinterest Board on how you can get these looks from your closet & hopefully it inspires you on creating your own looks.



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Yourbasicbabe is about a small-town babe, who moved to a big city (Sacramento), and yearns for new adventures & hoping to escape her 9-5 job. If you are feeling lost or empty and incomplete; I hope this blog can mean something for you.  Follow me on my journey from sharing affordable Beauty, Fashion, Wellness & personal content tips. I hope to give you babes some guidance & inspirations as I venture off to do the same for me as well. She sassy, classy, one & only YourBasicBabe!

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