How to Relax and Unwind After a Long Day!

Relax&Unwind (1)Hello Babes!

This week I am focusing on Health & Wellness. Work has been stressful and a lot lately and I’ve been noticing a lot of my anxiety building up.  I would experience difficulty falling asleep at night, excessive overthinking, feeling drained & emotional this past two weeks. I just wanted to stop feeling this way because it was taking a toll on my body -I’ve decided I needed to take control & not let this overcome me. I am reminded that I am in control of my OWN body, thoughts, & how to handle my anxiety. In order to overcome my own stress & anxiety, I have to to remind yourself, I am in control of MYSELF & how you feel.

Here are four ways that are helping me to unwind & relax at night after a long day stressful day. Hopefully it can help you as well!

Insight Timer (App) : It’s a meditations app that has thousands of guided meditations, music tracks & ambient sounds to calm the mind & focus better.  The guided meditations are led by some of the world’s top meditation & mindfulness experts. In the app, there are many topics that covers on Dealing With Stress & Reducing Anxiety, Self-Love & Compassion, Focus & Concentration, Better Relationships & so much more. I usually listen to it before bedtime and after doing Yoga as it helps me unwind and calms my mind. It helps with my excessive over-thinking at night & reduces my anxiety that I built up during the day.

Yoga : I’ve started to do Yoga as well before bedtime. Doing Yoga has helped me with: relaxation, pumps the heart, posture, focus, improving balance, & sleeping better. With Yoga, you don’t need much & it doesn’t have to be a costly thing. I usually just search up a quick video on Youtube on what I wanted to do that night and follow it. Health & Wellness don’t have to be a costly thing!

Let it Out: Sometime letting it out to a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or etc all the time can be overwhelming for the other person. Writing it in a journal is a way for me to let everything out on how I am feeling & to reflect on a daily. Once I reflect on what I wrote, I remind myself to let go of the things that I cannot control.

Unplug: Unplug your phone or anything electronic one hour before bedtime. Yes, one hour before bedtime!  It will help relaxes the brain & will make a big difference on your sleep.

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What will be your goals for 2020? Will you be a Glow-Getter? Let go of the past, reflect, & improve yourself for a better year to come.

Can’t believe the year is ending so quickly! So many things have happen & I am grateful for the good & the bad.

Goodbye 2019, & hello 2020.

Goals post will be up soon! Stay Tune!

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